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Education and Training

In addition to the “For Industry By Industry” training that the Northern Ireland Polymers Association provides through its customised & bespoke in-house training and its Institute of Materials Approved Continuous Professional Development group training in “Advanced Polymer Materials, Processing and Applications” delivered through NIPA’s own Advanced Polymer Academy.

More detailed information on NIPA and other education and training providers can be found below.

Advanced Polymer Academy

NIPA’s own Advanced Polymer Academy is a ‘For-Industry-By-Industry’ response to meeting the local need for up-skilling in polymer manufacturing. The courses are targeted at new recruits, technicians, engineers and other staff aiming to gain a comprehensive detailed knowledge of polymers. The course, accredited by the Institute of Minerals, Materials and Mining (IOM3) is delivered in member companies’ premises. The second cohort will take place in late 2021.

Customised Short Courses

NIPA deliver customised short courses in polymer manufacturing.

NIPA have worked extensively on the development of a Polymer Apprenticeship with South Eastern Regional College (SERC) and this will be available from September 2021

Research & Development

NIPA facilitate R&D programs through our local universities, primarily but not limited to:

These universities have a proven track record in polymers and NIPA seek to enhance the relationship between it’s members and the academic institutions. NIPA assist in writing proposals and creating relationships

Collaborative R&D

NIPA facilitate business to business collaborative R&D programmes. These programmes typically involve 2 or more companies collaborating on a technical challenge of mutual interest. NIPA write proposals, secure funding and facilitate their delivery for member companies. Current programmes are investigating the use of polymer waste in other industries for example.

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