Collaborative Programme Facilitator

The Northern Ireland Polymers Association (NIPA) is the industry representative body for the Polymers Sector in Northern Ireland.

Collaborative Programme Facilitator

NIPA have been awarded a Collaborative Growth Programme grant from InvestNI on behalf of member companies to investigate mixed polymer waste and its incorporation into civil engineering applications.

Processing of mixed post consumer plastic waste is very technically challenging and has been aggressively avoided thus far due to a wide variety of processing temperatures and degradation of the various polymers. On behalf of member companies, NIPA have applied for and been awarded a collaborative grant to investigate the use of such waste in civil applications. There are notable potential advantages to this approach with the most obvious being the development of a route for using landfilled plastic; however there are notable advantages to civil engineering applications also such as resistance to thermal cracking and moisture ingress.

To progress this collaborative programme, NIPA wish to appoint a programme facilitator and are seeking expressions of interest. To express an interest and request further application details, please forward a CV to Eddie Rath, NIPA chairman here or use the contact form here. This is a short-term contract with the suitable candidate requiring extensive knowledge and demonstrated track record of:

  • Polymer materials
  • Management of funded industrial programmes
  • Organising collaborative workshops and compiling reports

The closing date for expressions of interest is Monday 26th July at 13.00

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