New PET Decontamination & Extrusion Line at Greiner

Greiner Packaging UK & Ireland has invested over £3,700,000 in a new PET decontamination and extrusion line to enable the use of more recycled materials in its market leading pot and tub range as well as continuing innovation with more sustainable materials.

The investment will provide the ability to use PET flake recyclate from a variety of sources, not just bottles which currently makes up the majority of recycled PET. The decontamination unit  enables the removal of impurities, creating a food-safe material. A flexible material feed system coupled with a state of the art extrusion line now enables Greiner to offer r-PET and r-PP products

Installed at Greiner’s plant in Dungannon, it is the latest example of the company’s continued commitment to innovation in sustainable materials. For further information, see here

Greiner Packaging are one of NIPA’s foremost members and have delivered many innovations in packaging.

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