NIPA Webinar: Calcium Carbonate Masterbatches in Polymer Processing Applications

NIPA Webinar: Calcium Carbonate Masterbatches in Polymer Processing Applications

Silvergate in Wrexham are a leading supplier of custom masterbatches for polymer processors internationally with the latest advanced manufacturing facilities enabling an agile and responsive service for customers. As part of NIPA’s Winter Webinar Series, Chris Young, Business Development Manager at Silvergate delivered an interesting presentation on the use of calcium carbonate in polymer moulding.

Chris has worked in the polymer industry for over 28 years and his experience of the applications and requirements of polymer processors shone through in this webinar. Chris detailed how Calcium Carbonate is the fifth most common material on earth. It’s use in polymer manufacturing was described, noting its use as a low cost filler for cost reduction, a stabiliser that aids reduction in component price fluctuation, improved impact, improved barrier properties and also in reducing processing times through an enhanced thermal conductivity.

Other benefits were noted such as anti-warping, UV stabilisation, recyclability, reduced carbon footprint and many other specific details Chris noted. In closing, Chris fielded questions from an enthused audience.

Chris also noted that Silvergate have very recently launched a specialist book on masterbatches and fillers to 10 participants. Perhaps its worth emailing Chris if you’re interested in a copy!

The final presentations in the Winter Webinar Series will be

  • Seminar 4. Antimicrobial Agents in Polymer Applications by Addmaster) (in February)
  • Seminar 5. Chemical Blowing Agents for the Manufacture of Polymer Foams (also in February)

A video of the webinar can be seen at the following link:


Chris Young        Business Development Manager              Silvergate Custom Masterbatches

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