NIPA Webinar: Logistics & Supply Chain Optimisation for the Polymer Industry

On Tuesday 19th January, NIPA’s Winter Webinar series continued with a focus on the need for optimisation of the supply chain within the Polymer industry. Given the unprecedented circumstances that 2020 presented for manufacturing, the optimisation and control of logistics and the supply chain has never been so critical. Additionally, the complexities imposed by Brexit has led to increased costs, difficulties in sourcing and a more convoluted supply chain for many NI businesses.
Justin McGorman of Reveal Business showed the difficulties currently being experienced by some businesses with higher shipping costs, additional paperwork and other aspects. A fascinating insight was provided as to the methods to negate these difficulties and find opportunity in new and existing supply chains. This can be achieved by mapping out the existing supply chain, prioritising key links and identifying additional opportunities.
Conor Houston of Houston Solutions emphasised the need for local businesses to take the initiative, create the vision, ambition and then defining what the opportunity will be as past times have shown that politics can be very reactionary in this regard. Jenna Watt and Glen Anderson of Mills Selig emphasised the importance of supply and provision mapping, assessing tariffs and VAT positions based on each country, then creating a critical margin assessment map. The team at Mills Selig can then offer a Trader Support Service to assist in dealing with any complexities. The corporate law team at Mills Selig can then assist with existing contracts that may now be under stress due to increased tariffs or other causes and look to identify solutions for such.
The webinar can be viewed here:

Justin McGorman Director, Reveal Business
Conor Houston Director, Houston Solutions
Jenna Watt Solicitor, Mills Selig
Glen Watterson Partner, Mills Selig

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