NIPA Webinar: Visual Colour Perception in Polymers Linked to Instrumental Spectrophotometer

Ralph Young, in collaboration with TCL Plastics in Dublin presented a comprehensive analysis of visual colour perception in polymers in the second of the NIPA Winter Webinars. Ralph’s extensive experience working for Borg Warner ABS, GE Plastics and Sabic Specialties was evident in his presentation of the complexities associated with colouring of polymers. Although typically taken for granted, Ralph noted how the visual process of colour identification is not fully understood but the control of it is critical in polymer production
Ralph noted how spectrophotometry was developed, driven by the need to eliminate subjectivity of highly trained colourists but the process was not without weakness either. For example, the type of colour being measured can vary the colour difference data through a distorted weighting.
Historically we depended on trained colourists to control colour to achieve desired standards. Visual control by trained colourists is tending to be more accurate / sensitive than the alternative totally instrumental methodology but subjective and when correcting very large colour differences, analysis is less efficient.

The webinar can be viewed here:

Ralph Young Consultant, Anayltical Chemistry
John O’Connell Director, TCL Plastics

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