NIPA Webinar: Dynisco Demystifies Rheology

Understanding theology is arguably one of the most important aspects of polymer processing with many issues potentially arising from a mismatch of machine settings and the nature of the polymer itself. In the first of a series of Winter Webinars, NIPA hosted an analysis of key aspects of viscosity characterisation in melt processing.
Frédéric Jaubert of Dynisco, in collaboration with Darryl Hamm of EMCS presented a great insight into the world of rheology. An overview of the three most important analytical tools available from Dynisco was presented: Melt Flow Indexer, Capillary Rheometer and Online Rheometer – Visco Indicator. Frédéric also presented some interesting data on how Dynisco’s can actively control MFR with their equipment, showing data to the operator on how to manage aspects such as regrind content in real-time. The final focus was on the incorporation of IoT technologies such that extensive data can be generated for quality control purposes, predictive maintenance and operational efficiency metrics.
A recording of the webinar can be seen at the following link:
Frédéric Jaubert Technical Director, EMEA, Dynisco
Darryl Hamm Business Development Manager, EMC Ltd

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