Manifesto on the Competitiveness of the Plastics Industry (in Europe)

4th November 2014

Issued by the EUPC (European Plastics Converters) and PlasticsEurope (the Association of Plastics Manufacturers)

This 19-page document makes the case for the significance of the plastics industry in its societal, economic, environmental and competitiveness contributions.

In 2012, the plastics industry in Europe accounted for:

  • 62,000 companies
  • 1.4 million jobs
  • Euro 26 billion annual contribution to public finances

The manifesto outlined how strengthening the competitiveness of the European plastics industry would have a significant impact on the recovery of the manufacturing sector in general. It illustrated the significance of plastics in resolving issues around food waste, energy efficiency of buildings, health and wellbeing, renewables, transport emissions, and water availability & conservation.

Over their life cycle, most plastics products save considerably more energy than is required to produce them. The manifesto outlined research by Denkstatt AG that showed by using plastics in Europe instead of alternative materials would result in:

  • 60% lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • 57% lower energy consumption

The manifesto concludes with the identification of some challenges and policy recommendations to help resolve them.

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