Zeus Industrial Products (Ireland)

Manufacturer of specialty PEEK, fluropolymers, nylon, PE, PET, and Bioabsorbables tubing products, for the medical and industrial sectors including aerospace and automotive. Also offer contract R&D Services.

Industry Sectors

Extrusion - Pipe and Tube

Company Overview

Fluoropolymers and other engineered plastics, such as polyether ether ketone (PEEK), are quickly becoming the materials of choice for applications requiring high performance properties like hydraulic, wire coating, fiber optic, and sealing. Zeus extrudes PEEK and other materials into spiral wrap, convoluted tubing and heat shrink products that maintain exceptional physical properties even when exposed to elevated temperatures or aggressive chemicals.

Medical Applications

  • Catheter liners
  • Multi-lumen catheters
  • Manufacturing tools
  • Catheter outer jackets
  • Packaging aid

Industrial Applications

  • Dielectric insulation
  • Slot liners
  • Fiber-optic insulation
  • Manufacturing aid
  • Corrosivechemical fluid handling
  • Wire conduits

Manufacturing Processes

  • Paste Extrusion
  • Melt Extrusion

Resins Extruded and Processed

  • Fluropolymers (PTFE, FEP, PFA/PFA High Purity, EFEP, ETFE, PVDF, THV, and ECA)
  • Nylon (11, 12, 6/6 and Pebax®)
  • Polyethylen (PE, LDPE, HDPE and MDPE)
  • PET
  • Bioabsorbables (PLLA, PGA, PDLLA, etc.)
  • Advanced Thermoplastics (PEEK, LCP)
  • Custom blends / materials

Company Background

Zeus is a world leader in the manufacturing of fluoropolymer extrusion for the medical, aerospace, automotive, analytical, electronics, semiconductor, and environmental industries.  Zeus Industrial Products (Ireland) Ltd was established in 2006 to serve the European market.

Zeus, Inc. is headquartered in Orangeburg, SC USA. Zeus is a world leader in material science and the production of high-performance polymer tubing used in demanding applications; operating multiple facilities in North America and internationally.  Zeus products and services are used by companies in medical, automotive, electrical, fluid handling, aerospace, and mechanical markets. Zeus Industrial Products (Ireland), is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zeus.

The Letterkenny facility covers more than 8300 sq. meters (90,000 sq. feet).

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E: http://www.zeusinc.com/contact-us
W: www.zeusinc.com

T: +353 74 910 9700
F: +353 74 910 9702

Quality Accreditations
and Approvals

  • ISO 9001
  • AS 9100
  • ISO 13485
  • TS 16949