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Ultrapolymers is a leading polymer distributor,  whose aim is to provide a high-quality service and expert technical consultation to develop long term relationships with its customers. Established in Belgium in October 2002 and being part of the Ravago Group, Ultrapolymers has rapidly become a respected leader in polymer distribution.

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Ultrapolymers has local offices, warehousing and compounding facilities across Europe, as well as in Turkey and South Africa, offering a comprehensive portfolio of materials on a next-day delivery basis.

With a full range of commodity and specialist materials, complementing extensive technical and commercial resources, Ultrapolymers’ philosophy is to work in partnership with designers, converters and OEMs from the inception of a project, to provide a significant competitive advantage through effective material selection, improved part performance, process optimisation and cost positioning.

With the ability to deliver from one bag to a full truck load of material, Ultrapolymers has the solution for every plastics application.

Irish product range by supplier, brand and polymer type: http://ultrapolymers.com/products/?cbb_country=1007

Markets served include: Automotive, Consumer, Packaging, Clear, Building & Construction, Medical, E&E, and Rotomoulding. For more information see: http://ultrapolymers.com/markets/

Ultrapolymers offers a comprehensive technical service to our customers from design to final production. Our experienced team provides local support through effective material selection, improved part performance and process optimisation, offering additional services which includes mould flow analysis.

Full information on: http://ultrapolymers.com


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