Precision Processing Services Limited (PPSL)

Precision Processing Services Ltd. (PPSL)

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Company Overview

Precision Processing Services are a unique customer focused organisation, specialising in the thermo-chemical refurbishment of fouled process equipment used across industry.

Processing Services include:

  • Solvent Cleaning
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Molten Salt Cleaning
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Pyrolytic Cleaning

Testing Services offered include:

  • Bubble Point Testing
  • Flow Testing
  • Weight Check
  • Visual Inspection

Sectors served include:
Chemicals Manufacturing, Chemical Processing, Medical, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Plastics, Rubbers & Polymers, Food & Beverage, Foundry & Casting, Printing & Packaging, Agricultural, General Engineering, Aerospace & Defence, Utilities, Power Generation, Automotive, Shipping, Electronics, Filter Manufacturing.

Providing the processing of a wide range of parts including:
Metal Filters, Disposable Filters, Die Blocks, Pipework, Lifting Chains, Static Mixers, Spinnerets, Gears & Bearings, Manifolds, Tower Packing, Heat Exchangers, Flame Arrestors, Pumps, Miscellaneous Fittings, Valves.

For over 15 years Precision Processing Services has serviced their Customers by developing new technology and enhancing their processes in order to provide their customers with the tailor-made service they desire. Based in Maydown in Northern Ireland, their customer portfolio operates throughout Europe and extends worldwide.

Precision Processing Services work in partnership with their customers in order to formulate optimum processes, and by adopting a systematic approach are able to gain a fuller understanding of the Customers needs and provide the right solution to fulfil their requirements.

Precision Processing Services technical staff develop a customised cleaning process taking into account the materials of construction of the customers equipment and the nature of the contaminant to be removed from that equipment in order to provide a fully cleaned and serviceable item which is fit for re-use.

A customised PPSL clean has been shown from customer feedback to provide enhanced on-line performance, longer equipment lifetime and reduced production downtime.

Precision Processing Services can advise on the most suitable cleaning process to meet their Customers requirements and undertake trials on their equipment to give their Customers the confidence to use PPSL's facilities and services for all their refurbishment needs.

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