N. Ireland Polymers Industry

The Northern Ireland polymers / plastics industry comprises over 80 firms. The NIPA Member Companies and the wider polymer sector have a combined annual turnover in excess of GBP 2.4bn and employ 1 in 6 of the total manufacturing workforce in Northern Ireland.

The Northern Ireland Polymers Association (NIPA) provides a dynamic proactive forum that represents the industry as a whole. The industry manufactures products using different processing technologies for a range of diverse markets including, packaging, household, construction, medical / healthcare, food and drink, rapid prototyping, horticulture, leisure, utilities, automotive, marine and aerospace.

Serving global markets, and in a global sector that has grown year-on-year for over 30-years with no signs of slowing into the foreseeable future - NIPA has identified several strategically important key challenges facing the local industry, and has recognised the need to work together in order to address these and to combine the resources of the sector in a market led approach to innovation, energy, transport logistics, education and training.

NIPA Members have a keen external and export market focus and view these markets as their main opportunities for growth. One in three of the NIPA Members individually exports to over 30 countries and one in eight have received the Queens Award for Enterprise in recognition for these efforts.